Thursday, May 29, 2008

Web Thing # 23 Yea!

Well I did it! I didn't think that I could or would. I am glad that I did. There were so many times as a librarian that I would be "afraid" to help customers with technology. Now, I know that I can do it! I loved the fact that we had to keep a blog. This is going to be very useful for me and my staff going forward. Of course we will continue to use YouTube and Flickr. I think that we will also be using wiki's. RSS feeds I have been using- and love them as a way to keep up with ideas.

I know I got stuck at times- but I would not say that I did not like anything! It was longer than I anticipated to finish, but I am really glad that I did.

Look for PR to use a lot more of Web 2.0- as far as the library goes- I would love to see a follow-up to this challenge. The now what part.

I think these skills are so important that I am going to put on my resume that I am familiar with the Web 2.0 technology. I am also going to make sure friends and family are on board.

Thanks for making this happen! I am really excited.


Web Thing # 22

Listen NJ- OK I was skeptical, I keep hearing that it is not easy to use...

Well it was easy to use! Search is easy. I searched by author (Al Franken- I like to listen to his books!) Putting the book in your cart, and then downloading was straightforward. I did as suggested and used a PC+ computer (software was already downloaded.) I like the feature that you can check and uncheck the chapters that you wanted. That could be very useful.

I am looking forward to getting the MP3 player so I can download so more stuff.

I think I have a better opinion of this service now!


Web Thing # 21

Podcasting is great. I love this site I was able to do a search on marketing and found a great resource on Guerrilla Marketing. What I like about it is that I can have it playing in the background as I do my work. It is a way to keep up on business concepts in a format that I like. If not for podcasting, you could miss out on what the latest and greatest is. Very useful site.


Web Thing # 20

I love YouTube. We have been using it in PR as you mentioned. I like the search feature-really easy to use.

Here is one You Tube video that I find particulary fun: It is called March of the Librarians.

Web Thing # 19

The web awards are a good resource. I like the event category. This will be very useful in PR to keep up with the latest and greatest places to post our events.

I also like the professional networking awards. We know that in librarianship it is important to stay connected. I use LinkedIn as a way to stay in touch with OCL colleagues. Maybe we can plan an OCL reunion!


Web Thing # 18

Google Documents- once again I really like the video guy! This was very easy and definitely something I can use! I am going use it for the marketing committee and also for my "Honey Do List" for my Husband!

You will notice my name in the pretty purple color on Google Docs.


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Web Thing #17

Sandbox- great concept! I liked the fact that I was encouraged to change a wiki and not feel like I would mess it up! I had no idea how easy it is. I will be setting some wikis going forward. There are a lot of uses in PR for this.

This was a fun challenge. I also did not know how much functionality I had in editing. Many times you think of the web, and don't think that you can change the colors! By the way- I added my favorite - mint mojito for summer!